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Benefits of Pressure Washing in Charlotte Area

soft Washing your investment can have many benefits such as improving the curb appeal and increasing the perceived value. In this overview, we will discuss few of the biggest advantages of pressure washing your home. Before we start, it’s important to mention that when it comes to washing your home, high pressure is never a bright idea. Instead, we offer process we call soft washing. It’s simply the process of using safe washing mix to bring the siding to its original appearance, rather than depending on problem causing high pressure washing method. Soft washing is equivalent to pressure of your garden hose. We typically use term pressure washing and power washing because soft-washing is a fairly new, unfamiliar jargon.s

Soft Washing Advantage #1: Elevate Value of Your Property

If you plan on putting your house for sale, you definitely want to increase its value as much as possible. Power washing, roof cleaning, driveway cleaning and general exterior cleaning is one of the cheapest ways to elevate the value of your home. Real estate prices in Fort Mill SC, Charlotte NC, Indian Land SC is growing, but we can increase it even more!

First impression is everything! Imagine if buyers are looking at your home while the siding and driveway is covered in algae, plants are growing out of your gutters and roof is full of black streaks? That definitely doesn’t help the 1st impression.  A quick soft washing process is something that can efficiently and affordably deliver the solution.

Soft Washing Advantage #2: Improve Your Curb Appeal


When having a barbeque, or a family gathering, you definitely want a clean looking house. After all, who judges us more than our family member and neighbors? Your mother in law won’t let that conversation go for a while. Your neighbors think you driving down the value of neighborhood. House is your most valuable investment. You keep the inside of your home nice and clean, it only makes sense to keep the exterior of your home nice and clean also.

Soft Washing Advantage #3: Safety and Removing Hazard

The Algae can make deck, porch or driveway very slipper. As a result, someone walking on the surface may fall. Sanitizing the surface will get rid of the algae making it safer to walk.

You may have heard that the unsightly algae growing on your home and deck is also airborne? You may be breathing it in every time you sit on your porch or deck. The soft wash mix actually sanitizes the surfaces, rather than just removing what you can see. When algae is sanitized, its killed and it won’t come back nearly as fast. If only pressure is used, some particles will remain on the surface and grow back much faster.


As you now know, soft washing has much more positive benefits than just the clean look. It will elevate the value of your investment, keep your neighbors happy, and protect the health & safety of your loved ones.